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Nikola Todoroski - Bio

Nikola Todoroski is a trained and tested professional actor and comedian from Macedonia. After graduating from Luben Groys Theatre College in Sofia, Bulgaria he has gone on to star in a variety of comedy and entertainment programs, dramas, and sketch TV on national television in Macedonia. He is also a skillful improviser and has been part of the National Theatre in Ohrid for more than two decades. He regularly performs on the international stage, having done shows in Belgrade (Serbia), Podgorica (Montenegro), Helsinki (Finland), London (UK), Amstedam (Netherlands), Barcelona (Spain) and many more! His has done 6 comedy specials in his own mother tongue (“My name is Nikola”, “Delirium”, “Stand up Revolution”, “Artificial Intelligence Natural Stupidity” and “Recycled Confetti”, “Pain”) and one in English (“Banana Resident”). He performs more than 150 shows per year in his country and internationally.

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Marshmallows and Milk
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